"The road to success is not easy. With every distraction, set-back, and failure one must keep the faith. Know that each day is an opportunity to renew your faith and boldly face the obstacles ahead. This book is a daily guide to feed your desire and train your mind to move forward toward your goals. Mr. Hardy provides you with short concise nuggets of motivation to fuel your burning desire for success. Whether you are starting a business, a career change, or set out to achieve a personal endeavor, this devotional is a tool to keep you motivated and ready for whatever obstacles come your way.
God bless the Hardys' for helping me Prosper!"

Gerald S.

"I truly feel that this book is a pep talk that everyone needs to hear. So often we just go through the motions of each day and we forget that God has a real purpose for our lives! We were put here to glorify Him and this book has reminded me to start living each day of my life to the FULLEST in order to fulfill my God-given purpose! No matter who you are or where you are in your life, "I Prosper Daily" will guide you in your journey to live the life God created you to live! I pray that this book blesses your life as much as it has blessed mine."

Talor H.

The Hardy's are an awesome couple. I am sure this book is just the beginning of their inspiring and motivating ministry. The book is based on biblical principles that remind and instill in us the promises God has in store. After reading the first chapter, I wanted to continue; however, I am going to read the book as it is intended and take the daily approach.

Perish S.

This was soooooo motivating that I could not read one day at a time. I was reading 3-5 days at a time. The first time that opened the book to read it, I had to make myself put it down to attempt to read one devotional a day and it just didn't happen. You need this book in your life!!!

Loretta D.

"This book is tremendously inspirational! Speaking as a guy with several business and ministry ideas, iProsper is a motivational tool that is providing the inspiration to start now!!! The fear of the unknown and of the work that lies ahead hinders many people from realizing their potential and dreams, this book encourages those individuals to overcome that fear, push through the discomfort, and PROSPER!!! I recommend this book to everyone but especially to those who know you are called to greatness but need a little push to get started! I pray blessing to the aurthors and the readers of this book. God bless!!!"

Verified Amazon Customer

"Tonight I will be reading my last devotional from iProsper Daily and I will start all over again tomorrow! In a month in which I have been presented with some challenges, my daily reading of iProsper Daily has gotten through along with prayer and meditation! The book is written with simplicity but provides powerful insight on the type of relationship we should have with our Father. I just order five more copies and will be giving them as Christmas gifts. I can't wait for the Hardy's next publication!"

Verified Amazon Customer